free fire 5th anniversary

Garena Announces Collaboration With Global Icon Justin Bieber To Celebrate Free Fire’s 5th Anniversary

Free Fire’s 5th Anniversary : As part of Free Fire’s five-year celebration, Garena announced a partnership with global icon Justin Bieber. As the largest anniversary celebration to date, the celebration will include the return of impressive themed content, special rewards and a series of co-op activities and events in and out of the game under the theme “Uniting the Worlds.”

“I’m excited to partner with Free Fire and have the opportunity to entertain my fans around the world,” he said. Justin Bieber . “This collaboration will allow us to explore the various dimensions in which we can combine my music with the game, and I look forward to everyone enjoying and enjoying it, after all we work hard behind the camera.” 

free fire 5th anniversary

“We’ve had incredible support from the global player community over the years to make Free Fire what it is today, and this celebration is for them,” he said. Harold Teo, Producer of Free Fire . “We are thrilled to be partnering with a global icon like Justin Bieber, whose influence on fashion and music has undoubtedly inspired many around the world, including the Free Fire community, who play style through to express their creativity. Free Fire’s fifth anniversary celebration will be the biggest to date, and I’m sure players will be amazed by the schedule of events we’ve put together.”

“Consumers are looking for immersive experiences that focus their passions in a unique and organic way,” he said. UTA Esports Account Director Rachel Schlegel , whose team brokered the deal between Bieber and Garena. “Integration is nothing new, but the sheer scale of unique gaming opportunities with world-renowned artists makes this partnership so vibrant.”

Free Fire’s First In-Game Performance

Free Fire will have its first in-game performance on March 27th, when Justin Bieber will release an exclusive song as part of the game’s 27th anniversary celebration. Players will be able to participate in this interactive event, use custom emotes, engage in mini-games, and who knows, even perform on stage with Justin Bieber’s avatar.

More details will be announced soon. Free Fire can be downloaded from the App Store e Google Play Store . Talk to us in the comments and tell us if you like this news and take the opportunity to read more news on our website.

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